Lasersharp Engraving, Western Australia

Lasersharp Engraving provides unique solutions using both laser engraving and C.N.C. techniques for precision cutting of intricate shapes and components, customised trophies, awards, badges etc. on all types of materials. We are proud to offer a quality finish with honest and integral customer service. We have an established customer base ranging from High-Tech industry to local community groups.

Engraving and Laser Cutting Services

  • Electrical Components
  • 3D Models
  • Unique Awards & Plaques
  • Doll House Miniatures
  • Custom Jigs
  • Promotional Items
  • Bricks & Masonry Engraving
  • Wooden Boxes

Products & Services

We can interpret your requirements quickly and provide you with an honest opinion. We only take on work that will result in a quality finish. All etching will be done with the laser.

Electrical Components

Electrical Components

Engraving metal and plastic for electrical circuits. Lasersharp Engraving offers a complete marking solution for the electronics industry.

Promotional Items

Promotional Items

Lasersharp’s engraving process allows personalisation and customisation of a wide spectrum of promotional products at resolutions up to 1000dpi.

Key chains, luggage tags, flashlights, pens, knives, jewelry, awards, trophies, golf clubs, bottles, glasses and business cards are just a few of the almost endless number of items that lend themselves to laser engraving.

Custom Jigs

Custom Jigs

The laser engraver’s precision is perfect for the development of custom made jigs to provide repeatability and speed in the manufacturing process.

Unique awards and plates

Unique awards and plates

Unusually shaped awards and materials are engraved using tried & tested methods and a little imagination.

Wooden boxes

Wooden boxes

Small wooden boxes in jarrah and hoop pine wood are created in a number of sizes and embellished with your logo or text.

3D Models

3D Models

Laser engraved, 3D wooden models are a perfect gift for all ages. A load of fun to assemble, no glue required. Ask us about developing your own designs.

Dolls House Miniatures Dolls House Miniatures Dolls House Miniatures

Dolls House Miniatures

Accurate replica furniture made to scale, from flooring to tables and chairs. We have standard catalogue items or can produce commissioned pieces.

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Len Starkie - Master Engraver


Lasersharp Engraving was formed in 1998. Master engraver and company founder Len Starkie, became interested in engraving in the 1980's to embellish his Silver-Smithing work and make trophies for local clubs. A hand held engraver was the tool that honed his early practical skills.

As technology evolved so has the equipment that Lasersharp utilises to expand its breadth of service, knowledge and expertise. With the introduction in 1990 of state of the art laser technology, Lasersharp has drawn together their specialist experience with the speed, precision and instant flexibility of the laser modality.

Now and the Future

Lasersharp's reputation for its analytical problem solving and quality workmanship continues to grow. We are able to turn your unique problem into a workable solution and will consider all projects.

We minimise our impact on the environment by monitoring emissions and noise, lessen waste and purchase from the most sustainable sources.

Your Unique Project

  • Customers often have items to be engraved that are an unusual shape, size, texture or made from an unusual substance. All of these situations require an expert solution.
  • Customers desire a consistent and high quality finish, which can be difficult to achieve without experienced people and methods.
  • When time requirements are tight it can be challenging to engage a reasonably priced engraver who treats your order with priority.
  • “One off” customised requests often incur a premium charge with other engravers, especially on small volume orders.

How Lasersharp Engraving can help

Recognising your concerns we are able to offer -

  • A laser engraver that is fully tooled to handle cylindrical parts as small as 8mm in diameter to flat sheets up to 600 x 300 mm coping with objects of most shapes and sizes.
  • Engraving of font sizes from as small as 0.5mm to as large as 300mm. The depth of each mark can be customised as well.
  • Lasersharp's method of engraving on wood, anodised metal, plastic, marble, paper and masonry or any other material.
  • Free initial consultation service, to discuss your requirements and provide you with an honest opinion of the options that are available to you. If we are unable to provide you with our high quality finish we won't waste your time.
  • Our wealth of experience, which means that if we are unable to find a way to engrave your item, we believe it cannot be done to our quality standards.
  • Specialisation in small volume orders and customised projects.
  • In house completion of every job to our exacting standards.
  • A flexible service in response to our customer needs.


Lasersharp Engraving is committed to providing unique high quality miniature products at affordable prices. General laser engraving and cutting can also be performed on wood, anodized aluminum, plastic, marble and paper.

No project is too small and we can design and produce special orders, including your miniature club projects.

Lasersharp Engraving is based in Mandurah, WA and ships Australia wide.


For further inquiries and pricing information contact Len on:

Email: Phone: (08) 9582 0050 Mobile Phone: 0408 899 852